Get Funded E-Book

You might be pressed for time and need help right now with your fundraising.  Download Get Funded to learn five simple strategies that you can implement this week to start raising money quickly.  Jason’s book has practical tips and is an easy read.  If the only thing you get from this book is the language you need to start closing deals, it’d be worth it!

Fundraising Coaching

You’ve been investing a lot of energy in fundraising, and let’s face it, you aren’t happy with the results.  What’s going to happen if you keep trying to raise funds this same old way forever?  Sign up for our three hour Fundraising Bootcamp and learn a new paradigm that actually works!

  • See an increase in less than two months.
  • Build a team for long term financial health.
  • Re-align your board to be more engaged in the process.
  • Creat a culture of vision and stop begging for money.


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