Get Funded E-book

Most non-profit struggle to raise money.  Either you don’t know how, or your current strategies are ineffective.
When your fundraising suffers so do the people you serve… children will go hungry, families will split… the world is a darker place when you can’t find enough money to carry out your mission.
We know what it’s like to lose sleep over a lack of funding.  We made one simple shift in our thinking.  If you make it too, you won’t have a funding problem anymore.
Here’s the shift: you don’t have a money problem, you have a story problem.  In other words, you have to focus on communicating the impact of your mission, and not the income you need.  Why?  Income always follows impact.
Our clients have seen huge increases in their income after learning to clearly communicate their story of impact with their best prospects.
Sheli G., CEO of Women Ignite, clarified her message of impact and experienced tremendous growth:
Jason’s strategies in Get Funded helped me increase my sponsorships this year by 7 times what I achieved in 2015. Jason helped me: understand the culture of raising funds, learn how to use tools to direct meetings effectively, prioritize my time, and crystallize my message.
Imagine what it would be like to never worry about money again.  The people you serve will have hope and your organization’s mission will expand beyond your expectations.

We want you to receive a copy of our e-book Get Funded.  You will learn how to implement a repeatable fundraising process where you focus on impact so that your income can grow exponentially.

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